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10 Great Japanese Movies With No Blood!

Crying Out Love in the Center of the World (2004)

It might have happened to you. You met a girl in your live and you just new it was the one you want to spend the rest of your life with. If it did not happened to you. Then you can watch this movie and see how it really looks like when someone dedicates their life to another person.

My opinion: I was actually crying while watching this movie.


 Dear Friends (2007)

Illness and diseases are part of our lives. Some of the young people really like to enjoy their lives by  going clubbing and having fun with friends. When illness find you, is there going to your club mates around for you? Will they swap the bars to a hospital visits? Hmm... This movie can give you the answer.

My opinion: It is good to know who is your real friend.


Hanamizuki (2010)

This movie is a bit similar to the first one on this list. Love for the first sight and so on.
Very interesting story that most of that could be a real example of people about how the true love should look like.

My opinion: Life gives us surprises.


Tokyo Sonata (2008)

Story of a family living in Tokyo. Classic example of average family living in the big Japanese city. But, What happen if something goes wrong? Maybe you loose a job. What then?

My opinion: I have watched this movie many times. It is fun and seriousness in one.


Memories of Tomorrow (2006)

Imagine you are boss of a big company and one day you walk in to your office and you do not remember the names of your colleagues. Well, you just need to write them down on a piece of paper.

My opinion: People should be grateful when someone good is looking after them. But, What happens if you do not know what you should be grateful for?


One Million Yen Girl (2008)

Very nice concept of the movie. A girl who decides to leave home and go her own way to find a nice future. Do not make too long stops, do not get engaged in peoples lives too much. Just save up 1 000 000 yen and leave.

My opinion: Trust yourself and yourself only.


Petaru dansu (2013)

This great film is very specific. If you come to a famous director with the script for this movie. He would probably have a very good laugh. But, in a negative way. There is actually nothing really dramatic happening in this movie. But, one shall say, it is in the air.

My opinion: WOW... I love this movie. Connection of these four great Japanese actresses was just a great idea.


Rebirth (2011)

Inspired by true story. Sometimes if we could take a time back we would not know if we really want to. Sometimes it hurts forgetting a past.

My opinion: I think about my childhood every day.


Swallowtail Butterfly (1996)

Great movie if you like post apocalyptic films. Yen Town(name of the city) is a city of near future after yen become the most valuable currency in the world. Story of a young girl growing up in such reality.

My opinion: I just hope this will never happen.


 The Great Passage (2013)

Great Passage. I have mentioned this movie in my previous posts. It is set in Tokyo, in a dictionary department and it is about making dictionary. Nothing special. But you can really learn about something from it. Passion, stamina and dedication for work.

My opinion: Very relaxing movie.



The Taste of Tea (2004) 

Well, I do not really know what to think about this movie. 
I just know I have watched it about five times and love it. 

Find your yourself :)


Enjoy watching!

Top 10 Asian Films That Changed My Way Of Thinking About Asia

I have watched over hundred Asian films in the past five years. I have chosen one of my top 10 interesting movies from Asia. This blog is not about "THE BEST" of "THE BEST" movies. It is about my favorite films that affected me a lot. I hope you like at least some of them and wish you nice watching.

Han Gong-Ju (2013), South Korea
This movie is based on real events. The story will take you deep into the live of a teenage girl. She is trying to find the way how to deal with her past. Moving to another place should help her to sort out the situation. Unfortunately, the past is not going away.

My opinion: I had a shock in the middle of the movie. It was the moment I realized what was actually going on.


Dream Home(2010), Hong Kong
This is the type of the movie where you can actually feel for the killer. Also based on real events. Some dreams are too big and some people will never stop trying to fulfill them.

My opinion: How far can you get with your dream?


Mad Detective (2007), Hong Kong
Detective with very strange investigation methods.

My opinion: I would like to know how many inner personalities I possess.


Welcome to Dongmakgol(2005), South Korea
This movie will not disappoint you if you like black comedy. Very funny, with a bit of seriousness as well.

My opinion: Hye-jeong Kang is a proper loony in the movie.


Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter... and Spring (2003), 
South Korea
If you are looking for a film for your own consideration. Stop looking. Here it is.

My opinion: It is a shame that people are still victims of their own desires.


The Great Passage(2013), Japan
Passion, good stamina and hope to get things finished. This movie can teach you how not to give up your project.

My opinion: We are done...What next?


The Woodsman and the Rain(2011), Japan
You never know when the good opportunity finds you. You might even work in a woods and suddenly it is there for you.

My opinion: I love forests.


The Girl Who Leapt Through Time(2006), Japan
We all wish to stop the time even for a small moment.

My opinion: I would definitely have a look into the women's showers.


Departures (2008), Japan
You would not believe your wife should be proud of.

My opinion: It is good to have a nice service even when you are death.


I Saw the Devil(2010), South Korea
Chase and punishment. Can the people ever change their behavior?

My opinion: If someone is crazy. It takes long time to change.